Who We Are                                     


Total Grain Marketing, also known as TGM, is a full service grain company that offers various grain marketing options to our customers and can meet the grain demands of both our producers and consumers. 

TGM was established in 2006 as a venture between three companies: Effingham-Clay Service Company, Growmark Inc., and Wabash Valley Service Company. Currently, our company operates 30 elevators; 9 of which are MID-CO Commodities branch offices with a total of 10 licensed brokers to provide service and recommendations in the futures market to our customers. 


Our facilities are located in 12 counties in Illinois and 1 county in Indiana with 44 million bushels of storage that are strategically located on major Illinois and Indiana interstates. This allows our truck fleet of 35 semis to conveniently haul grain to nearby terminals in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri. Our general end users are in the areas of milling, ethanol, feed, grain processors, export, and pet food. 

In addition, 7 of our 30 locations are operating rail facilities on the CN, CSX, EIRC, and INRD railroads. Combined, these locations have the capability to hold 250 rail cars and load out over 1 million bushels per day. These railroad lines allow our rail facilities to ship grain to the southern poultry market, Gulf region, and to southeastern states of Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. With so many various markets, this gives us the opportunity to pursue freight arbitrage with both truck and rail shipment. 

TGM’s facilities have been buying grain since the mid 1940’s, and is now one of the largest non multi-national grain companies in the state of Illinois. We believe we are prepared to meet all of our customers' needs, both today and in the future. 

A Company that is Growing with You

Previous to TGM forming in 2006, Effingham-Clay Service Company owned 4 established elevators in Effingham, Neoga, Toledo, and Louisville, and throughout the years the company acquired 11 additional elevators in Watson, Sandoval, Greenup, Middlesworth, Shelbyville, Charleston, Fairgrange, Humboldt, Jewett, Kansas, and Ashmore. 

In 2006, at the formation of TGM, the company purchased Huisinga Grain in Casey and Willow Hill Grain Company’s 5 elevators in Ingraham, Lis, Newton, Rose Hill, and Willow Hill. In 2009, TGM purchased the Windsor facility. 

The following year, South Central FS Inc. merged their assets of grain facilities in Greenville, Keyesport, Mulberry Grove, and Hookdale with TGM. Chrisman and Metcalf storage facilities were purchased in 2010. Moomaw Grain in Stewardson was acquired in 2013, and in 2017, TGM purchased the Hillsboro, Indiana location.