Total Grain Marketing (TGM) is dedicated to you and your interest in today's competitive grain marketplace. We will work with your grain marketing needs to provide competitive prices, pricing programs, transportation needs, drying and storage services in order for you to increase your profitability from start to finish.

TGM would like to share with you DTN Futures with 10 minute delay and the most up to date weather forecast. We also provide you with daily market commentary from MID-CO Commodities, as well as USDA reports. Also, the monthly column, 'Grain Scoop' written by Kim Holsapple that is published in the monthly issue of the Agricultural Advocate will provide you with an outlook of the grain markets and suggestions on when and how to market your grain. 

In addition, every year from April 1st to September 30th, all TGM elevators record rainfall events that occurred at their location.  With 29 elevators in 10 counties in Illinois and 1 elevator in Fountain County, Indiana, we are able to get a well represented total of all rain events that happen in mid central Illinois. Throughout the years, we have archived monthly and yearly totals to provide historical data since 2011. This data is interesting year to year from our wetter growing seasons to our most recent driest year, 2012.