Strategic Intent for Sponsorship & Donations

The purpose of our sponsorship efforts is to support our company objectives, impact and strengthen the well-being of the communities we serve and represent and demonstrate our shared values.

Areas of Support

-The vitality of the Agriculture Industry

-Agricultural youth organizations, such as FFA, 4-H, Young Leaders, etc.

-Agricultural, construction, vocational, and technical education

-Organizations with a focus on strengthening and positively impact our communities

Sponsorship & Donations Restrictions

We will not contribute towards:

- Political or cultural organizations

- National organizations as we prefer to contribute locally

- An individual, or individual's personal benefit event

Sponsorship & Donations Request Process

- All requests must be submitted on the website through the Sponsorship & Donation request form.

- All requests are reviewed and will be notified of approval or denial within 2 weeks.


All donations are at the discretion of South Central FS and Total Grain Marketing. We reserve the right to allow or deny any donation or sponsorship request for any reason.